Extensibility- Common Services Action Hooks

Learn how to extend BELLATRIX common services using action hooks.


Another way to extend BELLATRIX is to use the common services hooks. This is how the failed tests analysis works. Here is a list of all common services event you can subscribe to. NavigationService - UrlNotNavigatedEvent, called if the WaitForPartialUrl throws exception ElementWaitService - OnElementNotFulfillingWaitConditionEvent, called if the Wait method throws exception (it is used in all WaitToBe classes.

Also, the base class for all web elements- Element provides a few special events as well:

  • ScrollingToVisible - called before scrolling
  • ScrolledToVisible - called after scrolling
  • SettingAttribute - called before setting a web attribute
  • AttributeSet = called after setting a value to a web attribute
  • CreatingElement - called before creating the element
  • CreatedElement - called after the creation of the element
  • CreatingElements - called before the creation of nested element
  • CreatedElements - called after the creation of nedsted element
  • ReturningWrappedElement - called before searching for native WebDriver element To add custom logic to the element’s methods you can create a class that derives from ElementEventHandlers. The override the methods you like.