Product Integrations

Learn how BELLATRIX integrates with various tools and systems.


The quality assurance practices such as automated tests usually do not consist only of tools for writing or executing tests. There are multiple tools and systems involved from CI to analyzation of test results. Let’s take a look at how BELLATRIX integrates with such systems.


Allure Framework is a flexible, lightweight multi-language test report tool that not only shows a very concise representation of what has been tested in a neat web report form. Allure reports shorten common defect lifecycle: test failures can be divided into bugs and broken tests, also logs, steps, fixtures, attachments, timings, history, and integrations with TMS and bug-tracking systems. Learn more.


Zafira is central automation reporting system that is built on the top of Java Spring Framework. It dramatically increases the transparency of test automation results and provides a better understanding of product quality. Learn more.


ReportPortal is a service, that provides increased capabilities to speed up results analysis and reporting through the use of built-in analytic features. ReportPortal is a great addition to the Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing process. Learn more.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps offers one of the best CI on the market. Instead of using 3rd party tools or systems you can directly publish the results in Azure DevOps. Learn more.