How to Use Starter Kits?

Learn what are the BELLATRIX starter kit and how to use them.


The starter kits are one of the greatest features of BELLATRIX. For each module- web, API, desktop, mobile you have a project containing demos and explanations about each specific of the framework. Moreover, the starter kit contains exercises for you after each chapter.

Create Starter Kit from Visual Studio

You can use built-in Visual Studio templates to create BELLATRIX test projects. From File -> New -> Project you can find all BELLATRIX projects too

Create New Project Visual Studio

Create Getting Started Visual Studio

Create Starter Kit from CLI

Before you can create a new project, you need to install the template first.

All available getting started templates:

  • Bellatrix.API.GettingStarted
  • Bellatrix.Desktop.GettingStarted
  • Bellatrix.Web.GettingStarted

Install Template

dotnet new -i Bellatrix.Web.GettingStarted

Create Project from Template

  1. Open the folder where you want the files to be placed
  2. Open CMD
  3. Type the below command for the desired template
dotnet new Bellatrix.Web.GettingStarted

Create Getting Started CLI