Learn how to activate BELLATRIX products.


You can use full features of BELLATRIX for free for unlimited period of time. However, you can execute up to 100 tests on single machine without a commercial license. As long as your license is valid you can execute unlimited number of tests and for most versions get priority support.

How to Activate BELLATRIX?

One you have completed your purchase you will receive a number of keys. You need a unique key for each machine where you will use BELLATRIX frameworks and tools. Before you can activate the product you need to install the latest version of BELLATRIX Tools.

  1. Create a new empty folder
  2. Open CMD
  3. Install BELLATRIX Tools with the bellow two commands depending on the OS


dotnet new -i Bellatrix.Tools.Windows
dotnet new Bellatrix.Tools.Windows


dotnet new -i Bellatrix.Tools.Mac64
dotnet new Bellatrix.Tools.Mac64


dotnet new -i Bellatrix.Tools.Linux64
dotnet new Bellatrix.Tools.Linux64

This is how you activate the product.

dotnet bellatrix.dll activateLicense --licenseKey=2v99d5bb-f0bd-64a3-bg26-1b12517cc05c

Note: All license keys are floating. This means you can activate and deactivate them on different machines as many times as you want till they are active.


This is how you deactivate the product.

dotnet bellatrix.dll deactivateLicense

This is sometimes useful if you want to deactivate a license on a remote machine.

Display Installed License Information

View information about currently installed license.

dotnet bellatrix.dll statusLicense